Xochimilco Market

The idea behind Xochimilco-Market was originally to create a feeling of "getting home" for the numerous Mexicans living in Germany. What could be better than to offer typical Mexican food online, which is unfortunately still hard to find in Europe. This is how this project, founded by a Mexican entrepreneur a few years ago in Ingolstadt in Bavaria, began. The Mexican cuisine is known and loved all over the world and so, of course, Xochimilco-Market has evolved over the years and we would like to make this taste experience accessible not only to Mexicans living abroad, but also to all lovers of Mexican cuisine, or those who just want to try something typical Mexican. It gives us great pleasure to continue and develop this really successful project in the spirit of the former founder.

The name "Xochimilco" comes from the Nahuatl language and it means "field of flowers". These floating gardens in a marshy area around past and present-day Mexico City, were the agricultural mainstay of the Aztec Empire; where fruits, vegetables and flowers were grown. Today's Xochimilco area in Mexico City corresponds to the last remnants of a vast network of canals from this prehistoric period, which is why it was declared World Heritage Site by the UNESCO in 1987.

Today, Xochimilco is a popular attraction in Mexico City for tourists and locals alike. Here you can have a wonderful Mexican fiesta with friends and family. In Xochimilco, people move around in colorfully painted trajineras (a type of boat gondola) creatively decorated with flowers. Xochimilco is a popular destination, especially on the weekends, when countless trajineras with families, groups of friends and tourists are out and about "partying". Various traders and seller row from trajinera to trajinera offering Mexican snacks, flowers, cold beer or even tequila. In between, there are always trajineras with mariachis and other regional music groups, who loudly encourage the passengers of the numerous trajineras to dance and sing along. Without a doubt, a boat ride in Xochimilco is a very special experience. If you travel with a great group, you can have a truly unforgettable time. Here is some evidence of that!