Chili Seco Guajillo (Mirasol) 75 gr.

Guajillo Chili (Tajin brand)  has a reddish brown color.

It is used in all kinds of stews of pork, chicken, beef or other meats, is part of moles, marinades, hot sauces, etc.. It is almost always used mixed with other chiles. Always soak before use.

Nutritional values per 100 gr.

- Energy 764.2 kj / 182.60 kcal
- Fat 2 g
of which are saturated fatty acids 0 g
- Carbohydrate 28.7 g
of which sugars 21.20 g
Fiber 35.6 g
Protein 12.30 g
Salt 0 g

Storage: Store in a cool and

dry place, away from sunlight.

6.50 €
excluding shipping cost 6.50 € / 75 g