Frijoles Refritos Bayos Isadora

"Frijoles Refritos Bayos Isadora, in their 430 gram presentation, are a delicious option for Mexican cuisine and bean lovers. Carefully cooked and lightly seasoned, these white beans are practically ready to enjoy. To get their smooth, flavorful consistency, the dried beans are boiled and then mashed before being sautéed in a touch of oil. They are seasoned with onion, salt and pepper to enhance their flavor.

Bay beans have a mild flavor profile compared to black beans, making them an ideal choice for those seeking a more delicate culinary experience. In addition to their exquisite flavor, they stand out for their ease of preparation and are a wise choice for a low-cholesterol diet, they are perfect for vegetarians, being an excellent source of vegetable protein.

4.00 €
excluding shipping cost 4.00 € / 430 g