Kit Maya

Fragil Product

The Mayan Kit contains:

1 package of 500 grams of the best nixtamalized corn tortillas. 

+1 package of 400 grams of the classic and delicious "Totopos" fried nixtamalized corn tortillas 

+1 package of 20 delicious and crunchy 100% Mexican handmade corn "Tostadas" made with the millenary process of nixtamalization and fried with a little sunflower oil to give it that homemade touch.

Note: We pack them to the best of our ability, however, due to the nature of the product and the handling during shipment, some may arrive broken. Please take this in mind as there are no returns or exchanges for this reason.

18.00 €
excluding shipping cost 18.00 € / 1500 g