Tlacoyos de Maíz Azul

Blue Corn Flour Tlacoyos /6 pieces per package.


It is a thick tortilla folded, elongated and filled with ground black beans.

Served with salsa, cheese, nopalitos, chile and onion.

Tlacoyos Azules are a traditional Mexican dish made with blue corn dough. The dough is molded into an oval shape and filled with beans, cheese or meat.

These delicious tlacoyos are not only tasty, but also nutritious and rich in protein, as they contain beans or meat. They are an excellent choice for a quick meal or a hearty breakfast.


-Blue corn flour

-Wheat flour


-Refried beans

-Sunflower oil


Nutritional table:

- Energy 172kcal / 723,1kJ

- Fat 2,4g

of which saturated fatty acids 0,0g

- Carbohydrate 33,4g

of which sugars 0,0g

- Protein 11,6g

- Salt 12,5g

Allergens: Contains wheat flour (gluten)

10.00 €
excluding shipping cost 10.00 € / 700 g